Taylors Fire and Sewer District

3335 Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors, SC 29687
Business Hours: 864-244-5596 ext 1 | After Hours: 864-244-5596 ext 0
Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


To begin the process of purchasing a permit, please download a Sanitary Sewer Permit Application at the button below.  Complete the form and email it to permits@taylorsdistrict.org, or fax it to 864-292-4975. Once your application is received, a staff member will contact you to complete the process. Please reference Taylors Fire and Sewer District’s Construction Standards for TFSD’s Standard Sanitary Sewer Construction Notes and Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Specifications.

Sanitary Sewer Permit Application

*Taylors Fire and Sewer District accepts checks, cash or credit card payments for permits. Please be aware that a 3% fee is assessed for credit card payments.

No permits sold after 3:30 PM

Sewer Connection Fee Schedule
New Fee Schedule

  • Taylors Existing Resident:  $525
  • Taylors New Resident:  $1025
  • Renewable Water Resources (ReWa):  All resident permits are $2500

Annual Tax Notice for Sewer User Fees
Effective August 9, 2016

Residential Unit $120.00
Homestead Exemption $40.00
Business/Commercial $400.00
Church (no daily activities) $200.00
Church (daily activities) $600.00
School $1,000.00
Industry $2,000.00
**Septic** No Charge

Please refer to your tax notice.


Sewer Permits are required in several circumstances within Taylors Fire and Sewer District. The price and type of that permit will depend on the circumstance(s). Click on Permit Overview for the type of permit required and the Taylors Schedule of Tap Fees and Renewable Water Resources New Account Fee Chart for pricing. Follow the steps below to obtain your sewer permit:

  1. You will need to come by Taylors Fire and Sewer District Office located at 3335 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Taylors, SC 29687 to purchase permits. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm. Click Holiday Schedule to see a listing of holidays that are observed. Permits will not be sold after 3:30pm daily.
  2. Call the District Office at 864-244-5596 ext 1 or email permits@taylorsdistrict.org ahead of time if you are purchasing permits for more than one property.
  3. You will need the physical address of the property, tax map number of the property, plumber’s name, plumber’s address, plumber’s telephone number, contractor’s name, contractor’s address, contractor’s telephone number, name of water agency (Greenville Water, Greer CPW, or Blue Ridge Rural Water) and the water meter size for the parcel(s) that you are purchasing.
  4. If applicable, you will also need to provide a copy of the E-911 Addressing Form and a copy of the ReWa Exemption Form for the parcel(s) you are purchasing.
  5. Along with your permit(s), you will receive a copy of Taylors’ Service Connection Specifications and a Plumbing Inspection Report. (The Plumbing Inspection Report is the gold sheet given to you along with your copy of the Taylors Fire & Sewer District Sewer Connection Permit). To see an example click here: Sample Plumbing Inspection Report.  The Taylors Service Connection Specifications ensure that new connections, repairs, and additions meet the Taylors Fire and Sewer District standards. The Plumbing Inspection Report signifies connections, repairs, and additions have been inspected by the District.
  6. Taylors Fire and Sewer District takes payments in the form of a personal check, business check, cashier’s check, money order, cash, or credit card. Credit card transactions will be assessed a 3% fee.
  7. After obtaining your Taylors Fire & Sewer District Sewer Connection Permit and/or your Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) New Account Fee, you must go to the Greenville County Codes Office and Greenville County Road and Bridges Department for County Permits.
  8. Before finalizing new connections, repairs, or additions, PLEASE DO NOT COVER THE CONNECTION WITHOUT AN INSPECTION.
  9. County Permits and the Taylors Plumbing Inspection Report must be on-site before the line can be inspected by Taylors Fire and Sewer District. The Plumbing Inspection Report (gold sheet) must be on-site at all times until the line is inspected. Inspections will not be approved if the Plumbing Inspection Report is not on-site.
  10. Please call our District Office at 864-244-5596 ext 1 to schedule an inspection. Give at least 24 hours (one full business day) notice. Inspections are done Monday through Thursday from 8am until 4pm and no inspection will be performed on Fridays, weekends, and/or Holidays.
  11. Once the inspection has passed, our inspectors will pick up the Plumbing Inspection Report, sign and date the Plumbing Inspection Report, and return it to the District Office to be filed. After the inspection has been done and approved, you are allowed to cover the line. If the inspection is not approved, the Plumbing Inspection Report will remain on-site and the licensed plumber will need to make the necessary corrections and call for another inspection.